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Your organizations are shown here. For Elementary, Middle, or High Schools, use the Join a School option. For other types of organizations that do not exist yet on GoalPost Pro, use the Add a New Organizations button. If you've been invited by someone in an Organization to join GoalPost Pro, you have a suggestion below to join that Organization. If you need assistance adding your organization or have questions please email or see the other contact methods under the Help screen.

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Your friends are shown here. With GoalPost Pro, your friends are your coaches, teachers, mentors, instructors, any other members of your groups (teams, classes, etc.), plus anyone you invite to GoalPost Pro.

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Your organizations' groups are shown here. If you're a organization owner, coach or teacher, you can create new groups for free and invite other coaches and team members. Use the Organizations menu to create new groups under your organization. With GoalPost Pro, you can set goals for your group members and also set group goals.

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      GoalPost Pro provides a messaging system between group leaders (e.g. coaches, teachers, etc.), group members, and friends. When a group member messages another group member (their GoalPost Pro friends), group leaders can see the message.

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      GoalPost Pro Help

      For immediate help, please contact us at:

      GoalPost Pro, LLC 619-354-4900 or

      Common Questions:

      • Are my posts public?
      • All goals, comments, and photos on GoalPost Pro are public. All goal text, comments, and photos are reviewed by GoalPost Pro administrators for compilance with our community standards. Photos posted to your goals by other people, once approved by GoalPost Pro administrators, must be approved by you before they become public.
      • How do I approve photos uploaded to my goal posts by other people?
      • When someone uploads a photo to one of your goal posts, and after it is reviewed and approved by GoalPost Pro administrators, you will receive an email with a link to your Settings page. Your settings page contains a menu for Media, where you can review, and either approve or delete photos.
      • How do I set my goal as Accomplished?
      • The My Goals menu shows you a list of all of your active goals. You can also view your inactive goals. For each goal, you can click or touch the goal in this list and change the status. Statuses are Active, Accomplished, or Paused. You can also delete goals from this menu.
      • What is a Verified Goal?
      • Anyone else can verify your goal once you set it as accomplished. Your goal will then have a gold Verified ribbon next to it.

      Personal Profile:

      • What information is required for a GoalPost Pro profile?
      • The profile (Settings menu) allows you to enter your name, email address, gender, date of birth, cell phone, city and state. An email address or a Facebook account are required, and the remaining fields are optional. Other GoalPost Pro users will only see either your name, if entered, your Facebook Name, or a masked portion of your email address.
      • How do I create a profile picture?
      • Under the Settings menu, you can upload a photo, then select a rectangle area to crop your photo and create a profile icon. After approval by GoalPost Pro administrators, your profile icon will be visible to all GoalPost Pro members. If you've logged in using your Facebook account, then your Facebook profile icon will appear.


      • What are GoalPost Pro Organizations?
      • An organization is an entity in GoalPost Pro that contains groups, and groups contain members. Organizations can be High Schools, Professional Fitness organizations, or Companies. For High Schools, only existing schools that can be located on our Maps are permitted. Organizations have special priveledges in GoalPost Pro. To become an organization owner, please contact us via the information at the top of this window. Anyone on GoalPost Pro can create or join an organization. You do not have to be a member of an organization or group to use GoalPost Pro.

      • What are the benefits of being an organization owner?
      • As an organization owner, you can create a 'page' with your company logo and a background image. Members who join your organization will see your page background every time they use GoalPost Pro. In addition, you can create promotional panels that promote a product or service of your choice.
      What's New on GoalPost Pro

      For immediate help, please contact us at:

      GoalPost Pro, LLC 619-354-4900 or

      Recently Added Features:

      see _whatsnew_version
      • Pics and Videos
      • Pictures and videos can now be your main goal post.
      • Videos can be uploaded
      • In addition to pictures, you can post .mp4 and .mov (Apple) videos to support someones post.
      • Suggestions
      • GoalPost Pro now gives you suggested Organizations to join, and suggested people to friend. These appear on the right side of the GoalPost Pro main page.
      • Personal Page
      • You now have a personal, public page on GoalPost Pro. In addition to your profile picture, your personal page can include a page background.
      • Inspirational Goals
      • You may see inspiration goals on the main GoalPost Pro page. You can choose to include these (daily) in your goals list. You'll also receive a daily inspiration goal email (opt-out).

      Previously Added Features:

        • Promotions can include Message Us links
        • An organizational promotional item can include a link for messaging.
        • Goal Assist™
        • When setting a goal, you can now elect to have a GoalPost Pro representative review and adjust your goal so that it meets S.M.A.R.T. objectives.
        • Suggest Hot Topics
        • Hot Topic are seen by anyone creating goals. Individuals or Organization owners can suggest a new Hot Topic. If an Organization owner suggests a hot topic and Goal Post representatives approve it, then only members of the organization will see the hot topic when setting goals.
        • Group Creators and Owners
        • Organization owners can give any of their members' the ability to create new groups and optionally make themselves a group owner. This feature can be found under the Organization settings menu, Members list.
        • Group Direct URL
        • Groups withing an Organization can have their own URL for GoalPost Pro. This is in addition to an Organization Direct URL. For example, an Organization URL could be, and a Group URL could be Organization and Group URL's are enabled by GoalPost Pro representatives by contacting support at
        • Group Custom Goals
        • Group owners can create custom goals that appear in the Premade Goals list for group members when creating goals.
        • Points
        • Additional points are earned when your profile is completed and you upload a profie picture (subject to approvals)
        • Promotions Clicks
        • For Organization owners, promotional item ads now track clicks, and display views and clicks in a graph.
        • Suggested Organizations
        • When you receive a GoalPost Pro invitation from another member, the Organizations that that member belongs to on GoalPost Pro will show in your list of Organizations as suggestions. You can accept (and therefor join) the Suggested Organizations, or delete them.
        • Points
        • Points are earned each day when a member checks their goals. Organization and Group Owners can see the points earned for their members.
        • CIF Badge
        • Schools that are in the CIF (California Interscholastic Federation) can have the CIF badge applied to their background image. Please contact

          GoalPost 619-354-4900 or for more information.

        • Free Demo for School Principals
        • Principals can signup for a free GoalPost Pro demo. Please click here or
        • Announcements
        • Organization and Group Owners can make announcements that appear on the main page. Organization members will see announcements made by organizations to which they belong. Group members will see announcements by groups to which they belong. Announcements can be hidden by members after they are viewed. Announcements are different than events, in that they appear on the main page. Events appear under the Events menu and can have signups.
        • Group Events
        • Similar to Organization Events, Group Owners can post events to their members' Events Calendar and can have signups.
        • Post Moderation
        • Organization and Group Owners can elect to moderate goal posts by their members.
        • Organization Logo
        • The owner of an organization can upload a logo that appears on email messages sent to members from the GoalPost Pro Pro web site. For example, in daily goal reminder emails.
        • Event Messages
        • The owner of an organization, and creator of an event, can message all guests who have signed up for the event.
        • User Settings
        • The User Settings screen has been made easier to edit and change.
        • Event Calendar
        • An event calendar has been added. These are events added by your organization owner. Some events allow you to sign up or join the event.
        • Group Owners
        • An organization owner can designate a member as an owner of a group. Group owners can upload an icon for the group. The icon appears next to group lists and activities.
        • Organization Members
        • An organization owner can now view a list of members of their organization, and also manage who is in a group and who are the group leaders and group owners.
        • Invitations
        • When inviting friends, you can customize the subject line of the email that they will receive.
        • Organization Events
        • Organization owner can add events, which appear on the event list and calendar for members. An event can also have a sign up, with options for signing up, like maximum number of signups and a custom signup question.
        • Groups
        • Improved Admin interface for Groups management.
        • Events
        • Organizational owners can create events based on a date and time. Members will see the events for their organizations.
        • Goal Visibility
        • When posting a new goal, GoalPost Pro members can choose the visibility of their post, with options ranging from Private to Public. For members that are part of a Private Organization (see below), goal posts are constrained to at most, Organizational visibility.
        • Private Organizations
        • An organization owner can set the organization as Private. Private means that any members who join the organization a) cannot be invited by other organizations, and b) have their goal posts visibility constrained to the organization membership to view.
        • Hidden, Locked, and Members Only Groups
        • Organizational Groups can now be configured by an Owner as Hidden, Locked, and Members Only. Hidden groups are not visible to organzation members who are not in the group, and membership is controlled by the organization owner. Locked groups prevent new members of any kind from joining. Members Only groups do not allow a user to join as a leader or coach.
        • Organization Profile Page
        • Organizations how have their own profile page, and can add website, Facebook, and Instragram links as well as a contact phone number and email address. The page is accessed by clicking on an organization's icon anywhere in GoalPost Pro.
        • Groups
        • Added a detail list of group leaders under 'Groups I belong to' in Groups.
        • Group Goals
        • If you're a Group Leader, you can write new goals that are for the entire group. Each group member will see the goal in their list of goals, but you remain the owner of the goal and only you can change the goal status to Accomplished, Paused, or Deleted. Select Groups, then select a group that you lead.
        • Group Member Goals
        • If you're a Group Leader, you can write goals for individual members of your group. Either you or the member can change the goal status to Accomplished, Paused, or Deleted. Select Friends, then select a friend that is in a group that you lead.
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