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A social media platform centered around setting and achieving goals




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GoalPost is a social media platform centered around setting and achieving goals.

GoalPost allows individuals of Organizations to set and achieve goals central to the organization’s core training. Individuals use pre-written S.M.A.R.T goals created by GoalPost and customized goals created by the Organization that are specific to that Organization’s objectives.


Organizations create their very own online community focused on betterment.

Through GoalPost, Organizations reach their population daily via GoalPost emails, GoalPost Messages, and most importantly, the social media platform where achievement and progress is shared.

All contacts aid and support the population on their journey to attaining their own Goals.

Goal-Setters watch each other grow and (shrink) as they "Goalpost" their achievements.


Any organization can provide all the benefits of GoalPost and make money while doing it.

Individuals in your Organization will gain more focus and direction in life and become goal-achievers using GoalPost.

Your organization can also improve its profitability and its competitive position in the market place while bringing these marked advantages to your population.

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